TLC Blend


TLC Blend


A restorative blend.

Our TLC Blend of restorative herbs for dogs comprises of a specially selected collection of natural ingredients to support your dog’s joint health. This natural remedy for dogs will help reduce inflammation of your pet’s musculoskeletal and respiratory system too. The herbs in this holistic blend will also have a positive effect on inflamed skin and is useful in the process of easing allergies in dogs and for improving coat condition. Unlike some chemical based remedies, the ingredients in this restorative herbal blend for dogs are kind to the gut, even with long term use. Read more>

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This herbal remedy is ideal for older dogs which have reduced mobility or for dogs recovering from or harbouring an injury. If your dog takes part in strenuous activities such as dog agility, this blend will support joints which are prone to wear and tear.

Ingredients: Distilled MSM, Wild Crafted Boswellia, Nettle, Rosehip, Chia Seeds, Celery Seeds, Spirulina, Coconut Oil.

Pack size: 145g

Suggested use: Small dogs (10-18kg) half a 5ml measure | Medium dogs (20-35kg) one 5ml measure | Large dogs (40+kg) one heaped measure

This TLC Herbal Blend makes a perfect addition to raw or home prepared food but can equally be mixed to dry food. Give your dog double the suggested dose, per day for the first 2 weeks, ideally in 2 separate meals. Then reduce to a dose 5 days a week. As with most natural supplements, allow up to 6 weeks for the ingredient to penetrate your dog’s system. 

*To store, please reseal bag and store out of direct sunlight. This powder can be prone to clumping so stir occasionally. If your dog is pregnant, on medication or under 10 weeks of age, check with your vet before use. This is a complimentary feed supplement and shouldn't be used instead of seeking advice from a vet. If any adverse reaction occurs, discontinue use.*