Here at Hedgerow Hounds, we understand that your dog is a treasured member of the family and deserves the utmost care and best possible nutrition. 

All of our natural supplements for dogs are made from organic herbs, roots and seeds, which are packed with vitamins and act in a gentle, therapeutic way. Specially selected to help nourish, soothe and support your dog, they're also veterinarian approved | BUY HERBAL BLENDS

We take a holistic approach to canine health because we believe that using natural remedies and supplements with organic and foraged ingredients, combined with complimentary therapy is the best way to optimise your dog’s ongoing health and wellbeing | VISIT OUR SHOP

Our range of natural remedies for dogs contain essential minerals and organic plant extracts which can be used to treat and support your pet through recuperation and to boost general day-to day health and wellbeing. Always useful for your canine first-aid kit | BUY ESSENTIALS


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