All of our nutritional supplements and herbal blends are made from organic herbs, roots and seeds, which are packed with vitamins and act in a gentle, therapeutic way. Specially selected to help nourish, soothe and support your dog, they're also veterinarian approved.

Nature has so much to offer us through its abundant harvest of herbs. For both nutritional and therapeutic benefit, herbs have been a gentle and readily available source for centuries but they’re often overlooked in today’s high tech-world.

Recognised by the body as food, herbs provide vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, omega fatty acids and micro nutrients, all important dietary requirements for healthy, happy dogs. Unlike many synthetic substances, the body can easily excrete excess from herbal sources.

At Hedgerow Hounds, we have developed our nutritive Herbal Blends from the finest quality organic herbs, roots and seeds. We offer a range of herbal food supplements including ‘Nature’s Tonic’ blend to cleanse and detox, ‘Nature’s Harvest’ for a winter boost and ‘Golden Years’ for senior dogs. 

Our Herbal Blends are created with carefully selected ingredients to help nourish, soothe and support the good health and vitality of your dog. All of our products and herbal blends are handmade in small batches and nothing artificial is ever added.

Approved by holistic vets, our Herbal Supplements for dogs can be stirred into your dog’s raw or wet food, or you can rehydrate them with a little water and stir them into dry food.

Hedgerow Hounds Herbal Supplements can also be used to brew a nutritious tea which can be poured onto dog food, blended with vegetables or used in dog treat recipe. We make the most of the changing seasons by using the varying ingredients  and hedgerow plants which occur throughout the year and which your dog would naturally enjoy if left to forage. 

You can buy our Herbal Blends for dogs in two pack sizes, 55g and 125g. The 55g bag will last a medium sized dog approximately six weeks as a supplement. In addition to our extensive range of Herbal Blends for dogs, we also sell a selection of holistic powders, balms and sprays for dogs. Pop along to our shop to find out more.