Hedgerow Hounds is a holistic nutrition concept, founded by sports, remedial and holistic massage therapist, Caroline Hearn.  Qualified to treat human, equine and canine patients she is a great believer in taking a complimentary approach to dog health.

Since she was a tiny child, Caroline has never been without a dog at her side. Her life's ambition has been to pay back a little of the unconditional love, incredible loyalty and fun which her canine friends have given her. Caroline's CV spans a wide range of therapies and she has worked extensively with human and equine patients as well as dogs.

Her approach for dog health is an entirely holistic one as she has learnt that in order to gain significant improvement or longer term resolution of dogs health issues, a combined focus on diet, exercise, muscle development, movement, temperament, environment and daily routine is vital.

Caroline has combined her knowledge of complimentary therapies and nutrition with a lifetime of caring for her own dogs. Having fed them raw food diets and home prepared meals has meant she's used personal experience to develop and hone her range of herbal blends and supplements to provide the optimum diet for dogs everywhere. 

Caroline has a long list of therapy and massage qualifications and she also writes articles about holistic health and nutrition for various magazines including Edition Dog, Labradors Forever and Healthful Dog. She has also written a raw feeding course for the ISCP of which she is an affiliate.

Diploma Sports and Remedial Massage level 4 VTCT 2002.
Certificate Holistic Medical Massage Jing Institute
Diploma International College Animal Therapy 2008
Diploma Canine Nutrition
Diploma Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Cert Myofasical Release & Canine First Aid
Complimentary therapy workshops including Acupressure, Raw Feeding & Tellington Touch. 

We also work closely with our specialist veterinary consultant, Susan Andresier (BvetMed LFHom MRCVS) who has trained extensively in veterinary acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy.

Susan is passionate about herbal medicine and has helped us develop our herbal blends to the highest standards. She uses complementary therapies within her practice 'Acupaws', combining them with conventional treatments where necessary for the optimum results and to promote health and wellbeing in all of her patients.

We work with some excellent businesses who provide support, training and sell fabulous products.