In addition to Herbal Blends, at Hedgerow Hounds we also champion canine massage therapy as a hugely beneficial holistic treatment for dogs. 

As a qualified canine massage therapist, Hedgerow Hounds founder Caroline Hearn knows that massage therapy can have a significant, positive effect on the circulatory, digestive, respiratory and excretory systems of dogs as well as improving canine muscular and skeletal health.

Massage for dogs can influence muscle tone, circulate nourishment to bones, cartilage and connective tissue. It can also relieve pain and increase mobility. Massage Therapy is also a great tool for calming and relaxing nervous or highly strung dogs and increasing the bond between owner and pet.

Whether you’re preparing a dog for competition, caring for a senior dog or supporting your dog through rehabilitation after an injury, using massage therapy in conjunction with your vet’s treatment and advice is well worth considering. Get in touch if you’d like to  FIND OUT MORE.